#41 Being a productivity ninja – Graham Allcott

Can boosting your productivity free you up to build a better life beyond work? Or would this result in you simply filling the time you’ve saved with… MORE productive work?

This week, Carl talks to Graham Allcott, author of “How to be a Productivity Ninja” and founder of Think Productive – one of the world’s leading providers of productivity training.

It’s refreshing to know that Graham practises what he preaches (he’s just returned from a 6 month sabbatical). As Graham explains: “I don’t think you can have good productivity WITHOUT a good Work/Life balance – and vice versa.”

One of his biggest conclusions from his time away from work, is that humans are WEIRD – and that the challenge is, to understand and own your own ‘weirdness’ – and your own boundaries.

In this week’s episode, Graham and Carl talk about productivity and flow, the things that drive us, the perils of both “hustle” and comparing yourself with others – and how thinking about ‘being mortal’ can help keep everything in perspective. 

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