#36 The Hidden Value in your Business – IP Explained – Emma Richards, IPO -Legal

Have you been thinking about trying to protect the IP in your business – but need to know what to do next? Maybe you need to work out what IP you already have in your business – and decide what to prioritise?

Many people in business find themselves in a bit of a quandry, when it comes to IP – but Emma Richards is here to help.

Emma works for the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) the government department, responsible for granting intellectual property rights in the UK.

In this episode, Carl takes the opportunity to get some advice for his own business – and Emma shares the various ways you can access online and in person information and support, to help you with any application.

As Emma explains, your IP doesn’t have to be the next rocket to the moon, to add significant value to your business.

Listen in, to find out more about:

  • The importance of acting quickly, to protect your inventions first – and using confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, when discussing your ideas with others.
  • How to get advice on protecting processes and applications – which use combinations of products and components you don’t own the IP for.
  • How to find out whether another brand already has a trademark covering the use of a name with regard to certain classes of goods and services.
  • What to do if you also need international IP protection.

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