#35 How to stop businesses paying you late or not at all – Claire Twells – Legal

Being in debt doesn’t carry the stigma it once used to. In fact, these days, it’s often just seen as the norm. As levels of personal debt in the UK continue to climb, some people take a very relaxed attitude towards debt into their business – or life at work.

In some cases, there may be justifiable reasons for payment being withheld – but all too often, we may find ourselves dealing with someone who either can’t – or won’t – pay.

Bad debts don’t just cause serious financial issues. As many of us know to our cost, they also often result in devastating breakdowns in personal and professional relationships.

As a child, this week’s guest, Claire Twells, wanted to become a jockey. But watching Ally McBeal on TV, when she was growing up, persuaded her to become a lawyer instead.

Claire is now a partner at Smith Partnership, a leading law firm in the East Midlands, where she is Business Development Partner – and Head of Debt Recovery.

In this episode, Claire explains how she’s compelled by a strong sense of professional justice. Sometimes revelling in being shouted at by debtors, she’s deeply committed to “fighting for what’s right”. Claire and her team help clients who haven’t received the money they are due, get paid – or get their money back.

Listen in to find out:

  • What you need to know about the person/company you’re dealing with BEFORE you do business with them.
  • The importance of protecting yourself and your business, with contracts and terms and conditions.
  • Why you shouldn’t ignore your intuition, if something doesn’t ‘feel’ right.
  • How you can get legal support with credit control, so you can get your money – and your life back.

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