#27 Special – Kevin Appleby

Have you successfully navigated the ‘Start-Up’ and ‘Early-Stage’ of your business – only to find yourself getting stuck (and feeling a sense of overwhelm) when it comes to taking your business to the next level?

Whereas the skills you have, may have served you well, you may find you now need a different sort of mindset – and a set of new skills – to take things forward.

So how do you source the right help, to enable you to grow and structure your team and premises, to help you significantly increase turnover, whist keeping a close eye on profit?

Many business owners can testify about how having the right coach, has helped them to scale their business successfully. However, many remain curious (and understandably cautious) about whether finding a coach will be worth the investment of time and money?

Before you start looking for the right coach for you and your business, it can really help know what sort of benefits coaching could bring – and how a mentoring or coaching relationship might work.

In this week’s show, we talk to Kevin Appleby of Appleby Consulting. Kevin offers some great insights, into how finding the right business coach or mentor can help you take your business to the next l


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