#34 Making it better – Robin Johnston – Legal

When it starts to look like your business is in trouble, how can a lawyer help make it better?

Robin Johnston helps businesses and their stakeholders, to identify and overcome ‘existential threats’ – and achieve the best possible outcome, in difficult situations.

Despite the stigma that can sometimes surround business difficulties, Robin explains how many distressed situations are not primarily due to management incompetence or market conditions – but rather the result of cashflow or supply chain issues – or simply from overtrading under conditions of business success.

Driven by his deep commitment to “leave things – and people – in a better state than I found them”, Robin explains how a solicitor, who understands the legal mechanics of rescue, can work together with you, your accountant and financial advisor, to provide the legal and financial help you need.

Listen in, to find out:

  • Why it’s vital to seek help early
  • The importance of a getting a forward thinking, big picture perspective
  • The duties of Directors of limited companies
  • The risks associated with having a ‘50/50’ business partnership
  • Why Brexit is prompting companies to get up-to-date legal advice on their contracts and Terms and Conditions

In this wide-ranging discussion, Robin and Carl also discuss the importance of Resilience in business – and how professional recruitment is changing, as companies move away from recruiting on ‘competence’ alone – towards increasingly valuing character, values, attitude – and trust.

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