#40 Little Wins: The huge power of thinking like a toddler in growing your business

Could thinking like a toddler really help you grow your business?

Most entrepreneurs spend their time looking for BIG wins. But this week’s guest, Paul Lindley compellingly argues that it’s the ‘little wins’, that hold a number of important keys to growth.

Paul himself is no stranger to big success. A serial entrepreneur, he is the founder of leading organic baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen (named after his daughter) – and more recently, bathtime products brand Paddy’s Bathroom (named after his son).

In this week’s episode, Paul shares how thinking like a toddler can help unlock creativity and personal potential – not by learning new skills – but by rediscovering old ones.

In a world where many people are trying to solve personal, professional and societal problems using solutions that have repeatedly failed – Paul offers a vision of a more imaginative, free thinking and confident future, in which we (re)learn to explore, fail, and think divergently – enabling us to achieve new kinds of success.

There are some moments of reflection, too, as Paul (who, like our host Carl turned 50 last birthday) talks about how his priorities are changing, what’s next – and a commitment to business as a force for good.    

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