#30 Jonathan Richards – HR

Are you tasked with managing HR – and keen to spend less time managing paper, so you can spend more time leading and managing people?

Jonathan Richards can help. Jonathan is Founder and CEO of breatheHR – a company that helps SMEs simplify and automate their people management. breatheHR is an easy-to-use cloud-based software system designed to help businesses onboard and retain the people who, together, can become great teams.

Jonathan is passionate about freeing up time for important conversations in the workplace, so managers can really get to know their people – and work with them, to help them maximise their performance at work.

In this episode, Jonathan also shares extensively from his personal experience in business. He explains how a love for outdoor adventure (and local coffee shops), has enabled him to dig deep to navigate the considerable challenges of a deep recession, which lead him (and his co-founder Gareth Burrows), to completely reinvent their business – and develop a new software product, which now successfully serves the SME community in the UK.


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