#25 Finance – Simon Jones

Ever feel like you could do with a personal ‘Chairman’? Someone who could offer you many of the benefits of having a Chairman of the board – but without you having to take a leap to a formal structure of regulatory governance.

What if someone could onboard with you and your business, to act as a Coach, Mentor and Consultant, to help you get better financial results? Someone who would help you set targets and milestones – help you execute and deliver – and then, by agreement, hold you to account for achieving them.

Perhaps you’re at the stage where you’re considering external investment, as you look at the need for development capital, to finance your company’s future growth? Or maybe you’re getting ready to exit your company by selling – or taking it through a Management Buy Out.

Simon Jones of SJ Associates, offers some sage advice to CEOs and aspiring CEOs in search of the right way ahead.


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