#24 Finance – Serena Humphrey

How well do you really understand your business finances? Many business owners, if they’re honest, would answer ‘probably not well enough’ – yet feel embarrassed to confess they don’t understand the information their accountant is giving them.

So what CAN you do, to help you understand your finances better and put some foundations in place, to help you protect your business – and steer it in the right direction?

Financial Strategist Serena Humphrey, explains how experiencing three financial disasters in 18 months, early in her adult life, set her on a mission to give owner managers the financial skills they need to:

  • understand their business finances better
  • take control of their finances, to avoid predictable and preventable business failure
  • Clear the S.M.O.G
  • find freedom – and create the sort of balanced life they always hoped running their own business would give them.

Listen in, as Serena shares three top tips that will make a massive difference to every business owner.


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