#28 Election Special – Rachel Collinson (Greens)

With the General Election fast approaching, we contacted the Conservatives, Labour, The LibDems, UKIP and The Green Party – and their respective Business spokespeople for Business, to invite them all to guest on the show, as part of a special edition of the Twentisphere podcast.

This week, we’re delighted to share an extended interview with Rachel Collinson, The Green Party’s spokesperson for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Rachel shares her own background and experience, as a small business owner and employer, explains why she got involved in politics – and how she ended up finding a home in the Green Party.

Whatever your own political leanings – and however you plan to vote in this General Election, we hope you’ll enjoy this refreshing conversation about life, business and politics.
Rachel and Carl discuss topics ranging from the challenges of running a small business in Britain, in a fast-changing political and economic climate, to the Green Party’s vision for small business, economic growth – and Europe.



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