#39 Business for Bohemians: How to run a small business without going mad

Does working longer hours always lead to greater success? Or should you prioritise your wellbeing and mental health, when looking to grow your business?

Traditional business narratives tell us to grab ANY opportunity to gain more revenue – and that the more hours you work, the more successful your business will become.

But, when the increased workload tips the balance – it can take you from leading a passion-led business you enjoy, to living a stressful nightmare, focussed solely on profit.

Is it worth it?

What if you could run your own business, without being buried under a mountain of anxiety?

Tom Hodgkinson is founder of The Idler, a magazine devoted to helping people lead more fulfilled lives; and The Idler Academy, which offers online and real world courses in the liberal arts and practical skills, from philosophy and ukulele to business skills and singing.

In this episode, Tom and Carl discuss how: finding a work life balance sometimes means choosing NOT to grow your business, the perils of investing more than is returned on social media, and the advantages of owning a lifestyle business, rather than being a “posh slave” to a traditional corporate job.

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