Twentisphere is an environment intended to encourage, educate and inspire business leaders.  Starting with a weekly podcast, we are seeking to grow a business community that is interested in sharing excellence.  Why not sign up now, or perhaps even join our team to contribute to being better.

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About Twentisphere

Hi, I’m Carl Benfield, founder of Twentisphere.

After running a business for many years, I became increasingly interested in why my company was struggling and others were booming.  I’m moderately intelligent, hard working, and relatively innovative; so how come others just seemed to get it right?

That enquiry led to a large number of conversations with other business in which I realised how much I didn’t know.  Why had no-one taught me this stuff.  Why hadn’t I taught myself?

Twentisphere was born out of this line of enquiry.  It aims to be a place to encourage, educate and inspire business leaders, but all in bite sized, twenty minute chunks.

Now, along with some equally curious people (I mean that in the best possible way), we’re seeking to make
Twentisphere a complete environment for peer mentoring, learning and excellence.

We just ask you to engage with us on the journey, ideally by subscribing (it’s free!) to our updates.  We won’t spam you, spy on you, or ask you for funds to release a Nigerian princess (although I do hope she gets freed soon!).

Welcome to the Twentisphere!


Carl Benfield


The Team

Sarah Phillips

Manager, Twentisphere

Sarah’s passion for business began when she launched a start-up from her kitchen table – and has taken on a new direction, since she sold her business in 2016. Sarah has a big heart for personal and professional coaching – and is currently working towards an ICF accreditation. She loves learning, connecting people – and good coffee.

Gareth Barton

Founder, Spread Creative

Gareth spent 15 years designing workplace solutions for companies in the UK and Europe before becoming a director of a national charity. He then founded Spread in 2012, drawing creative freelancers together into teams to provide clients with a dynamic creative agency. Gareth loves to be moved by the arts and always seeks out the courageous, creative spark in people.

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